Friday, November 8, 2019

Walrus Vampire Show & Mursutar Klubi

Pasi Mäkelä: Walrus Vampire Show

Vampire Walrus, who is supposedly gender-free, threatened close to extinction, has been forced to leave the melting northern pole and sustain itself as a performance artist in Central Europe. The world of The Walrus Vampire Show is found in the non-sense art (e.g. Lewis Carroll). It plays with aspects of stage art, off-off theatre, stand-up comedy, butoh dance, slapstick comedy, performance art, and fairytale theatre, combining Mäkelä's own and fictitious characters with and without warning.

The fabulous Mursutar Klubi is hosted by Anais Vetemjöl & DJ Grönfors. Every ticket includes a Welcome Walrus Drink and takes part to the Klubi-Tombola! DJ Grönfors & Anais Vetemjöl will host you through the evening with heart warming sound & taste experiences...

Date: 9.11.2019
Doors 7pm / Show 8pm / Club 9pm
Entry Fee: 5 € includes a drink & tombola ticket
Wiesenburg Halle
Wiesenstrasse 55 / 13357 Berlin – Wedding

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